About The Artist

Simeon Gigow is an artist from Austria, Europe, Permanent Resident in the United States, living and working in the United States and Europe.
He works and creates in different fields of the fine art, decorative art and design. His European style with high artistic value of artwork includes:

  • Paintings
    Simeon is an oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media painter. His paintings are marked by their expressive, dynamic, clear color and modern form. The landscape, still life, portraits and abstract themes are represented with superb artistry. His works harmoniously combine the influence of modern classic artist and pronounced original temperament.
    He has showcased his work in many solo and group exhibitions in USA and Europe.
  • Mural paintings, theatrical paintings and stage decoration. Replica of original artwork in any format for stage and home interior.As a decorative artist and designer, he expresses himself via painting, decorating and transforming different spaces. For Simeon, the combination of creative expression and architectural artwork is a very personal process, from start to finish. He creates a balanced flow between art and architecture.
  • Custom finishes and designs for interior and exterior, including old world painting techniques – faux finish painting, venetian plaster etc. Decorative paintings, decorative ornaments, gold leaf and many others.
  • Restoration of murals, paintings, exterior and interior architectural ornaments.

Simeon is an Art Professor and enjoys working with people of all ages. During the years, he has been teaching art in Brigittenauer School, Vienna and his studios in Orange County, California and Vienna, Austria.

Education And Professional Affiliations

Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria – Postgraduate Qualification for Art Professor and Art Therapist.
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria – Master of Fine Art in painting & graphics.
Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria – Master of Fine Art in mural painting.

Professional Organization Membership

Member of the Professional Association of Austrian Artists.
Member of the International Association of UNESCO.
Member of the Professional Association of Bulgarian Artists.


Simeon is an excellent artist with great talent which covers many different Artistic fields. He is an outstanding portrait painter as well as landscape artist and muralist. I highly recommend his work as well as his commitment to his art. I wish him very well.

Yvonneka Kalman
Yvonneka Kalman Casa Yvonneka

[…] I am also acquainted with Mr. Gigow’s theater decorations which are illustrative of his experience and advanced mastery of the art of stage setting and theater decoration. He is a professional with a compelling artistic biography.

Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Simeon’s portraits are full of life, vitality and charm. The artist’s wealth of personal experiences and artistic maturity contribute to creating art works which touch the viewer’s deepest feelings. His paintings very often, not only show the beauty of the person, but also reveal unexpected aspects of the inner self.

Theodora Brown

…the artist Simeon gets the SOUL of the subject in the eyes.
In my art knowledge, only Rembrandt has done this to such an
extent (in the series of his self-portraits)…

Princess Caroline C.
Baroness Caroline C.